Press Release: Manchester-based Clicks + Links to rebrand itself as PixelMill

Manchester, UK. 30th July, 2019. For immediate release.

After nearly two decades of immersive technology innovation, Clicks + Links, the company that has become a well-known player in Manchester’s information technology scene is updating its name to better reflect the exciting work that is being carried out for its clients. Starting in September of this year, the company will be calling itself PixelMill.
CEO Vin Sumner says that the name change is part of a larger rebranding of the organisation to better reflect the innovative and immersive nature of the work that is being produced.

“We’re looking to build on our Mancunian roots. In a city that was once famous for its textile mills that revolutionised the world, we aspire to change the way in which immersive technology is applied in industrial applications.”

– Vin Sumner, CEO and Founder

PixelMill, formerly known as Clicks + Links has been at the forefront of immersive technology since founding in 2000. They were one of the first companies to host virtual concerts in the software Second Life. The last few years, they have moved to working with large infrastructure projects, nuclear decommissioning and training experiences.
Their focus for the coming years is to continue delivering high quality digital products and bring the exciting potential of augmented and virtual reality to new industries. The new name and branding helps communicate more clearly that by fabricating reality, digital worlds can add value to industrial processes.

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