Rail Maintenance

A desktop tool created to allow engineers to visualise and interact with System Data Exchange Format (SDEF) and JSON data as 3D models.

On demand 3D data visualisation.

A visualisation tool created for Network Rail to visualise SDEF XML data and process this on-demand to create a visualisation in 3D for viewing on a desktop screen.

The goals were to use this tool for presentations to a wide audience of industry players as well as to identify further enhancements and developments that could build upon this proof of concept.

Planning Ahead

View the location and pivotal details about maintenance locations and key points enabling better access planning to reduce disruption to lines.

Instant Changes

Update any of the data files to see the changes on screen, which easily allows users to keep vital information up-to-date.

Data Filter

Users are able to filter the data they wish to see on-screen which in turns allows them to focus on specific information.

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