Health & Safety Training

We created a virtual reality simulation to train staff's ability to identify developing hazards from around car park areas to within construction sites.

Discerning developing hazards without putting anyone at risk in real life

The application we created for the Murphy Group aims to increase people’s awareness of hazards in construction sites, from tools misuse to situations created due to lack of attention.

While there are multiple ways of learning and engaging with learning materials, we are big believers that the most effective way to learn is learning by doing. With an immersive interactive application like this, users are able to apply themselves without feeling the worry or risk consequences of making mistakes.

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Virtual Training

A completely virtual environment means that users are able to make mistakes without fearing real life costly consequences.

Scoring System

With a scoring system available, trainers are able to see each individual's score so that they can identify areas that they need to work.

Randomised Scenes

Each scenes starts with a random selection of hazards available, that way user's never see the same selection and aren't able to memorise an order.


When a user does not successfully identify a critical developing hazard, there are visual consequences in the application to show its dangers.

Click to view a demo!

Click to view a demo!

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